Check Out These Mind-Blowing Megalodon Teeth Made Out Of Chocolate

If you’re unsatisfied with more traditional Easter fare, like warping your eggs into cubes, or gifting your loved ones with a chocolate death mask of your own face, then Fossil Era has got you covered with Chocolate Megalodon teeth, cast from the actual fossil of a 60-foot long super-predator! » 4/04/15 8:50am 4/04/15 8:50am

​Help NASA Target Dangerous Asteroids With New App

Now you too can be Bruce Willis in Armageddon (Harry Stamper…the character's name was Harry Stamper…) without the worry of dying in space. NASA, in cooperation with Planetary Resources, has created a new app allowing the nearsighted or maybe even the asthmatic to protect the Earth from threatening asteroids. » 3/21/15 4:06pm 3/21/15 4:06pm

Photographer Captures Mesmeric Images of Parasitic Worm Sex 

Since today is informally ParaSaturday (parasite-Saturday) on io9, photographer Marcus DeSieno , best known for his Victorian-style portraits of various parasite species posing like figures of the old West, was generous enough to submit to us his latest: Two Worms Having Sex. Namely, Schistosoma mansoni — blood flukes. » 3/21/15 2:47pm 3/21/15 2:47pm

A Millipede That Only Lives In One City

A new species of millipede known only to exist in the small city of Launceston, Tasmania has been discovered – and it's been named after the jackal-headed Egyptian God, Anubis. The species, Tasmaniosoma Anubis is named for its branching genitalia, which resemble the snout and ears of Anubis. » 3/21/15 1:53pm 3/21/15 1:53pm

A Field Guide to Science Fiction's Greatest Parasitic Twins

An asymmetrical, or, "parasitic" twin completely dependent upon its host sibling for life, serves as a fascinating reminder of the fragility of embryonic development. When used as a narrative device, the parasitic twin becomes a potent metaphor for codependency and the potential agony of familial relationships. When… » 3/21/15 11:43am 3/21/15 11:43am

Insane Smokey Bear PSAs Starring David Lynch and the TMNT

Today, March 21st marks the U.N.'s International Day of Forests. This annual event hopes to raise awareness of the importance of forests and trees, which provide shelter, jobs and security for people around the world, and held slow the ravages of climate change. Forest protection has long been a favorite for… » 3/21/15 9:53am 3/21/15 9:53am